No more social distancing, don’t miss your meetings, don’t miss your classes, in this pandemic connect with your business and family with no upfront cost, in this digital era just get connected to your business with a reliable network and digitize your workforce and work from home, have meetings through video conference, take virtual classes, monitor your CCTV for smooth business operations. Don’t expose yourself to external threats, Beat the coronavirus and slump by staying safe at home, we are out for you to facilitate you to keep going our economy being our national responsibility.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is hampering our daily routine and the best cure at this time is to be at home and social distancing. Considering our social and national responsibility we are providing connectivity to everyone at very affordable prices without any upfront cost so you could stay safe at home either it is working from home or being connected with your loved ones. Considering the upcoming lockdown situation in the country it is going to be a hard situation for all of us and KKN urges to stand steadfast with our valued customers and community members to smoothly run our business and economy.

We ensure our clients that our services remain available to them without any interruptions or fall inefficiency. We are well equipped and able to be available 24/7.  Our support team is also present around the clock to serve you in any situation. In any need they can visit your premises, they are fully protected with all required PPEs and hand sanitizer.

We are cordially committed to make you enable to stay connected with your businesses and loved ones through our internet services during these hard times of the corona epidemic.

To keep running operations from home or want to connect with your people and offices from different locations, please contact us.

Following are the 24/7 call center numbers, please don’t hesitate to call us any time for any query or service you need.

Please stay at home and stay connected and we promise to make it possible for you.

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