Unified Communication

Unified Communication

We are living in a new world spurred by digital transformation. As technology continues to evolve, we are entering into an era where work is no longer confined to any specific location, desk, or computer screen. Now the half of the world is working remotely, companies need to find a way to connect their employees and systems. Unified Communications is an evolving technology that integrates human and device communications to optimize the business process by managing flows, eliminating dependencies, and reducing latency. Our Unified Communication Service allows you to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently and enables you to reduce communication costs, increase productivity, improve performance, and enhance the user experience.

Our Unified Communication Services integrates:

  • Messaging
  • Voice and Video calling
  • Team collaboration
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Desktop sharing
  • Data Sharing
  • Call control
  • Unified voicemail, e-mail, SMS, and fax services
  • Presence information         

IP Telephony

Improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, save money; it is not very often businesses have an opportunity to do all three at once, but that precisely a modern phone system can do for your company. Our IP Telephony service enables you to use your LAN and WAN to transfer voice, fax, and information from one office to another, which will help you reduce the cost by eliminating infrastructure costs and telco bills. This gives you a competitive edge over your competitor. With our IT Telephone service include

  • Effective internal communication
  • Call routing
  • Call pop
  • Call recording
  • Instant messaging

Unified Communication Consultancy

Unified Communication is an essential tool that businesses all around the world are using to communicate and collaborate. Numerous service providers provide Unified Communication services, and it isn’t very easy to choose the service provider for your company. KKN offers unified communication consultancy services to help you to decide to select the service provider.

Conferencing Services

We live in a technological era where every person uses communication devices to communicate with each other. These communication devices have transformed the world into a global village. Now, businesses are using these communication media tools to communicate and collaborate with their clients, buyers, shareholders, and employees. Our Conferencing Services enables you to connect with anyone from anywhere and at any time. Our service allows you to reduce travelling costs, saves time, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity. Our services include:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing