Managed Services

Managed Services

KKN offers top-quality professional services that help you to deploy and manage your network services at a very cheap rate. In an increasingly competitive corporate world, it is essential to have top-notch client services to manage your network for business productivity and continuity.  With our managed services, you can benefit:

  • The advanced technology service team
  • Reduced cost
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Optimized network deployment
  • Top-notch infrastructure
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Best security and surveillance

Infrastructure services

  1. Fiber Deployment
    In the twenty-first century, the demand for high-speed connectivity is increasing with a high speed to fulfill the requirements of new advanced technologies and applications for businesses and societies. When it comes to deploying reliable optical fiber cable, we are the best in town. Our skilled, qualified, experienced, and dedicated team will leave no stone unturned to deploy fiber cable to meet your business and other needs. We have deployed several optical fibers all over Pakistan for our clients, and our customers are extremely happy with our services. If you are looking for or planning to deploy fiber cable for your business, organization or school, then avail our service and have peace of mind.
  2. Fiber Network O&M
    The maintenance of fiber network is quintessential for uninterrupted and smooth connectivity to your businesses and organization. The optic fiber cables are vulnerable to the environment, exposures, cuts, stresses, and contamination that can hamper the seamless transmission of the internet. Therefore, it is imperative to take special care in the maintenance of the optical fiber. KKN is unparalleled in fiber network maintenance, operation, and management. Our experienced and skilled on-ground support staff work around the clock to monitor our clients’ fiber network’s operation and management to ensure the internet’s continued provision.
  3. BTS Management
    If you plan to install a new mobile tower or look for a reliable service provider to take care of your installed tower, KKN is the best option. We have years of experience in installing and managing towers for mobile networks, broadcast, and other communication purposes. We offer A-Z service from the procurement of the equipment to installation to the management of the tower.
  4. Campus Backbone and LAN
    Groups of computers and other mobile devices connected to the server, local area network, in schools, colleges, organizations, and businesses perform daily routine functions. The campus backbone connects multiple buildings or sites to create your local area network.  Environmental and installation challenges require a robust cabling infrastructure to provide a reliable network, meet growing bandwidth demands, and is quickly deployed. Our skilled and experienced team is adept at installing reliable quality campus backbone and LAN.

Network Management

  1. WAN Management
    In this vibrant and dynamic world, businesses are continually growing, and they are establishing their branches all across the country. In this scenario, it is imperative to connect all the offices and workers with the data center, and the headquarter through WAN as it helps in the smooth functioning of the daily routine tasks. Our dedicated, experienced, and skilled team ensures the efficient performance of the reliable and secure WAN through network optimization techniques that consequently foster your business’s performance and smooth functioning.
  2. LAN Administration
    Coordination and communication without any interruption are key to the success of a company. There are many employees using computers and other communication devices to perform their tasks in businesses and organizations. It is essential to connect all the computers and other communication devices through LAN as it is secure and safe for data and information transmission. Our LAN administration comprises experienced IT professionals adept at security, maintenance, troubleshooting, control, and configuration. We train our professionals as per the international standard to manage and maintain your LAN.
  3. Help Desk Services
    Help Desk Services (HDS) is essential for the company’s image-building as when some new employee, client, or buyer enters the company, they directly go to the help desk for any assistance. Help desk service is also necessary to provide support and solution to both the internal employees and clients. KKN offers flexible and scalable Help Desk Services for your organization. Our reasonably priced and high-quality Help Desk Services help you focus on your core values with peace of mind.

Managed Security Services

  1. DDoS Mitigation
    Although the digital revolution has appended up enormous business opportunities worldwide and has turned the world into a global village; however, it has also posed exorbitant challenges and issues. The hackers use different novel distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack techniques to disrupt organizations’ networks, bringing the whole business to a halt. Our cloud-based DDOS mitigation solution ensures that you have on-demand protection available all the time with a 100 % uptime guarantee.
  2. Firewall Management
    The first line of defense against cyberattacks for an organization is Firewall. It filters the secured and unsecured traffic and protects the organization from all kinds of cyber-attacks and hacking. Our Firewall Management service helps you install, configure, and test firewall solutions to build a secure network for your organization with the help of our skilled, experienced, and qualified IT professionals.