Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Every business and organization requires an effective and efficient communication system to communicate and cooperate with its employees, buyers, clients, and shareholders. KKN Enterprise Telephony enables you to connect with your team, employees, friends, and family seamlessly and smoothly with its IP-based fiber and wireless telephony. The key features of our Enterprise Telephony solution are:

  • Agile
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable

Trunking Solutions

To achieve a competitive edge over your competitors, it is essential to reduce your operational cost.  Trunking Solution is a critical way to reduce your communication cost and complexity. KKN provides easily accessible and affordable trunking solutions to organizations and businesses using PBX for internal and external communication.

Efficient and Cost-effective

Every day a business deals with thousands of calls from customers, clients, buyers, and other stakeholders. KKN offers reliable seamless, and efficient Direct Outward Calling and Direct Inbound Calling at a low cost.

Universal Access Number

The more your enterprise grows, the more your requirements increase. As more branches are added to your business, the number of phone lines also increases. A high number of branches means an increased number of incoming calls from the customers; that’s why it becomes difficult to answer all these calls and transfer them to the right branch. To manage and facilitate communications with branches, KKN offers the Universal Access Number service. It connects all your number in the country with a unified number. This enables you to flexibly manage your customer calls and transfer them to the right branch. It also allows your customers to contact you quickly and easily, no matter where they are.

TOLL-Free Service

If you want your customers to call you, then the ideal way to attract your customer is to introduce a TOLL-Free number. Our TOLL-Free Service provides you with an easy-to-remember TOLL-Free number, which your customers can use to connect you from anywhere in the world at any time.