Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

The world is changing at a speed never before. With the changing world, the businesses requirements and technologies being used in businesses are also evolving at a breakneck pace. Those businesses that adapt to these changes quickly have a competitive edge over their adamant competitors about embracing these changes. It is not easy for an organization to have prominent IT experts to track these changes and adapt to them. Therefore, the ideal way to remain up to date with technological innovations is to outsource your network solutions to a reliable service provider and focus on your own core business. In this regard, KK is the most trusted and reliable network solution provider for enterprises all across the country.

Network Solution

Businesses in the twenty-first century are continually evolving. With the digital revolution, most companies are going online, and networking plays a critical role in the growth of businesses in this digital era. It is becoming difficult for companies to hire in-house IT Professional to provide network solutions because of the enormous financial cost involved in the professionals’ training and the cost involved in deploying and maintaining the Network Solutions. To free businesses from this hassle, KKN provides all kinds of top-notch network solutions at affordable prices. Our services include:

  • Managed services
  • Cloud solutions
  • Fiber deployment
  • Fiber network operation and management
  • Unified communication
  • Enterprise telephony
  • Visual communication
  • Data centers

Enterprise Data Network

As the business grows, the employer requires more employees, computers, communication devices, and more offices spread over a different geographic region. For the businesses’ smooth functioning, all these offices and employees must be connected to each other to share information and data effectively and efficiently, which requires a reliable data network. KKN is providing Data Network Solution for businesses for the last ten years. Our experienced, skilled, and trained IT specialists to liberate you from this network management annoyance and give you peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Network Consultancy

Choosing the right service provider to help you in the deployment and management of IT and Network solution is an arduous task as several brands provide these services. To find the right partner for your IT Management requires excellent knowledge of the network components. Moreover, businesses also need consultancy in the designing and the implementation of the network system. KKN has a team of experts and specialist to provide you consultancy about the selection of the network components and the designing and implementation of the network system. Our experienced and well-qualified team assists you accomplishing your network requirements in a very short period while saving your human resources and crucial time.

Solution Design Services

Planning and designing a Network Solution is critical for deploying an effective and efficient network system. Our qualified Solution Design Service team uses its skills, expertise, experience, and knowledge to design a high-quality network system for your business at an affordable price.  Our Solution Design Services include:

  • Designing the site-layout network system
  • Network configuration plan
  • Integration of the old system with the new one
  • Deployment plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis